Dream Spells
By Adam Altman


The Frog's Golden Water is out. Your 3-6 year old will love it!

Ridicula is out! People will like this metaphorical & satiric comedy!

My the third Tasmear novel has been put on hold because of my pursuit of a doctoral degree, which understandably has taken away most of my fictional writing time, but I will be adding a dissertation to my list of accomplishments. That's good, right?

To satisfy my creative writing itch, however, I am writing a short story or poem here and there. My first short story of 2019 is called "A Progression of Healthy Killings," my first attempt at Mystery. I will be sure to let you know about publication details or will include the story on this web page in the near future. I think it's worth the read, and I'm not THAT biased of my own work, am I?

I will write Tasmear #3 as long as I am here on this earth. This, I promise you. I also promise that I will do my best to top all of my previous novels, and then go beyond even that.

I still see good things for Dream Spells' future. My tentative plans is to make a real game from the fictional one described in the novel. A card game may be on the way. The first twelve cards by the renowned fantasy illustrator, Paul Abrams, appear in Dream Spells. I'm really looking forward to a great game to match the book!

As for Liliana, her series is now complete. The last book in the series, Liliana's Realms, is now out in eBook format. In addition, the complete series can be found in one volume, adeptly called Liliana. I am so proud to be able to present to you the entire series. It's an achievement more than a dozen years in the making, and I am excited about it.You can buy either the complete omnibus or the single final novel here: Liliana

Let us all read and then read some more!

Thanks for everyone's support.

Stay Tuned. Explore new worlds! Expect anything!

Adam Altman
April, 2019