Liliana's Fan

By Adam Altman


Excerpt from Liliana's Fan

Liliana's Fan
by Adam Altman

Chapter 1

In Liliana's View: Kathy's Weird

Kathy's weird. At least she has been recently. She never comes by anymore. She seems to suddenly think that my home is scary. She used to love trapdoors just to have fun or to try scare my parents. Sometimes, my parents wouldn't think we were funny, especially when we snuck up on them in the bedroom or while Mom was on the phone. Most of the time though, my parents smiled and played along with us.

Kathy used to think that my mom was great. Now, she avoids her. A few days ago, I saw Kathy near the video store and waved hello. She saw me and approached, smiling as if she had something funny to say. Then Mom got out of our car. Kathy saw her, frowned, and walked past me without saying a word. I couldn't believe it.

Just last year, I showed Kathy my fan for the first time. She Loved it, and she loved my mother for crafting it. At the video store, I called to her after she had walked past me and brought out my fan. Kathy turned around, saw it, then walked away. She looked disgusted. Disgusted! I couldn't believe it. Everyone loves my fan. I didn't understand it, and I still don't understand it.

I also don't understand why Kathy suddenly began hanging out with Jim all the time. She never liked him before, and I hadn't blamed her. Once during lunch at school, Eddy, Greg, and George were playing with the split pea soup, adding ketchup mayonnaise, mustard, and orange juice to it. Those boys are silly, always messing around with their food.

Anyway, Jim walked over to them, took the cup of pea soup, and drank the whole thing. Then he just burped, smiled, and walked away. Kathy had seen that too and had been complaining about his disgusting behavior ever since. Until recently, that is. I can't believe she hangs out with him now.

She likes Eddy too, and boy is he weird. For no reason, he jumps up and runs around. Then he sits down and is up a second later. I never see him eating candy bars, so he doesn't eat too much sugar. He's just plain crazy. That's all. Once, Mom and Dad had come to pick me up and saw screaming. All Dad said was that he had a lot of energy for a boy of his age. Mom had said nothing, but I could tell that she didn’t want me hanging around with Eddy.

Mom really is great. She always knows what I like, she makes me a doll or an ornament exactly the way I want it. The funny thing is that I never tell her I want it. She just knows. She also knew I would love my fan and that Kathy and I would be friends. Mom had introduced me to Kathy a couple of years ago when we had visited Kathy's mom. For some reason, Mom didn't visit Kathy's mom anymore. Something must have happened between them.