Enlightened Darkness

A Collection of Poetry
By Adam Altman


Excerpt from Enlightened Darkness

Enlightened Darkness
by Adam Altman

Dreams escape into the light
And flicker through the spirits
Of ancient, modern, and new,
Of young and old, of future
And past, of lives forgotten
In the boundless trap of time.
Here, reality is shunned
By the imagination
Of mind, soul, and emotion.
Nothing can be determined
By any laws of science,
But dreams fade, and this nightmare
Exposes reality.

I am awake, a lost male
Returning from a lost dream -
Sleep, dream, the only escape
From an extension of hell.
Something is amiss, alone
But not sleeping, not dreaming,
No hoping, no caring, shocked
By the new day, fearing it...


The following is also included in Enlightened Darkness. It is the first poem I ever wrote. I hope you enjoy it.

What is Lunacy?

The music was ringing in my ears
Like glass breaking around me.
The wildness slipped among the years
Shaking my mind inside me.

My love for her astounds my heart
Like fire enveloping me.
If I should stay a week apart,
Tears will fall internally.

What awakens is lunacy
With the life of emotion.
Everyone feels it within me
Causing quite a commotion.

Lunacy is in everyone.
Nobody has ever won.

Adam Altman