Dream Spells
By Adam Altman

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The First book
in the Tasmear Series
by Adam Altman


"I dare say." Drulin laughed. The sound reverberated down the labyrinth of books, finally dying out seconds after he had ceased to make the guttural noise.

For many precious moments, no one spoke, all deep in his or her own thoughts. As she often did, Lacerna’s judgements and interest about the thoughts of the others transfixed her. Alviar shook his head, probably thinking that Drulin was half-crazed into believing anything that his dreams told him. Shanchio was resolute, giving little of his thoughts away, always a mystery, never obvious, although his eyes hinted at much emotion. Drulin was a mystery himself. What lay in his seemingly disheveled mind, Lacerna could not in the least bit fathom.

"Let us get some other questions answered and research these books for which we have come here," Shanchio said at last, authoritatively ending any more speculation about Drulin. "Stories about LifeShaker await us."