Dream Spells
By Adam Altman


For a long time, all he knew were dreams. At first, these dreams encumbered his mind entirely so that he could not recognize his surroundings nor associate his dreams with reality. Gradually, he began to escape his dreams, and the land of Tasmear returned to him, but the dreams still persisted ten years later.

Awoken, he began to analyze his dreams, recognizing that they were not just random thoughts. They hinted at secrets and prophecy, a desperate game of survival, and the whereabouts of a new developing region of Tasmear. Had he become clairvoyant, or was there something else at play?

His past began to come back to him, and he remembered his near death experience. Thus, he sought out those who were once his friends in order to continue to heal and to rediscover a semblance of his life. Yet the future was still in his dreams, and the fate of a county was wrapped up in them...

Dream Spells

Ridicula TopShelf Nominee

Hippie has always been carefree. Wherever life leads him, he goes.

George Cramwell lived a normal New York City life, and he hardly ever left the city - until one fateful night.

Freckles is one cool Rottweiler. And he always loved a good chase.

Though they travel different routes, their paths will align...

And it will all be Ridicula!

Early praise for my new novel, Ridicula: "The manuscript is very well written. It's a very good story too, if I may add...fitting for the times... as he (the author) seems to be quite good at his craft." - Editing Division/Publish Wholesale

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